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About Me

My Background

My journey as an artist began at a very early age. Throughout my childhood I found more pleasure in drawing, daydreaming alongside nature; than with conventional forms of learning.

School was difficult for me as a restless out of the box thinker, and so I chose the self taught path as soon as I was able. Over the years my style has evolved on its own accord. Organically and naturally. Through daily practice, mistakes/achievements, and perseverance. 

I have been published in Somerset Studio and Cloth Paper Scissors magazines, and show my art publicly on a regular basis around the Hudson Valley, New York. 

My Work

I paint what brings me happiness. 

The simple things. 

Painting is how I share my joy with others. A hope that in creating, someone else will connect with my work, and in turn experience their own form of joy.

I currently work in acrylic and watercolor, but from time to time feel the pull to create using mixed media. A form of art using papers, paint, and other medias all at once. 

My studio is located within our 100+ year old farmhouse. Home is where the heART is, and I like to create where I feel most comfortable. 

My Inspiration

Inspiration finds me through my surroundings. It is in the rural landscapes that are so plentiful here in the Hudson Valley New York, my home gardens, and raising a young family with my husband/love on our 100+ old farmstead. 

Rolling hills, serene pastures, and wildflowers that grow between fence posts all add to the fuel that feeds my creative fire. I am also very inspired by the botanical/naturalist artworks of the Victorian era. When nature was still new and undiscovered. 

I find pleasure in sharing my work with others. It is not only an honor, but an inspiration when someone feels a connection with my art and wishes to display it within their home.

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